our adventures at the sand dunes

Sorry it's been awhile there's been alot going on with school,

well any way There's this awesome place in Colorado called the great sand dunes,

several years ago our family went there ( we used to have a 15 passenger van last year

we got a 8 passenger minivan it's the last word in cramped)

it's beautiful the dunes are thousand of feet tall and if you get there at the right

time you manage to see the river that comes when the snow in the mountains melt

well back to the regularly scheduled story, we got there at the right time and had a blast swimming,

till me an jackson decided to go back a rinse of the sand my parents were supposed to meet us

soon and after a while i got tired of waiting and headed back to the spot where the family was

no alot of things our family is and sticking out from a crowd is one of them we all have blond hair

and theres 6 of us kids, my dad is 6" 5 so were pretty easy to spot well when i scanned the

crowds they weren't ther so me and jackson or jackson and I were walking around looking

everywhere, we headed up the sand dunes just in case they went up there( that sounds pretty stupid now lol)

and on the way down ( we had been looking for a good 20 min i thought i'd be nice and streamline it

for you) i saw my dad coming toward us.  well we found out that we had just missed them, they had passed

us and went to the van instead of meeting us, if you want to feel like a idiot do this some time, it works

my mom had been freaking out when they couldn't find us and "thought" we were lost even though i

told them i knew where we were the whole time they still think we were lost.

they had asked a ranger and everything and had come to the conclusion we had been abducted or

were working there way to that conclusion.  Landon didn't care one way or another he was just hungry and

the rest were bored.


Waves of paper

So i watch the kids the day before thanksgiving not a good thing if i want

to find something to be thankfull about.

i was thinking back on things i could be thankful for,

like my cat Joey who decides peeing in my closet and pooping under my bed

and in the bathtub is better for his health than in the litter box,

of the kids screaming and running around the house like crazed nuts

the second my parents step out of the house.

So many awsome things happen in my day to day life that i just can't begin to tell

you bout them all.

so today my mom took the kids to The York Daily Paper for a tour with other homeschool

groups, and i stayed home even through walking around with a tour and listening to

a bunch of complainin is one of my favorite things to do

well when they got home they brought with them a biiig roll of

paper, i guess the newspapers use it for the paper (thats one of the profound statements i'm known for)

well when my parents left the kids decided to cut up one of the rolls and

put it in the hall and run through it like at the beach running through waves weird

i'm pretty sure i didn't do that when i was younger.


Intoduce, blood

I guess i should tell you about myself,

as you know my name is Christine G fill in whatever name you want for the G and let me give you a

hint it starts with G.

I'm 16 i live with my parents Ada and Greg, and 4 younger siblings Landon 14 yr old, Skyler 12 yr old girl, Jackson 10 yr old, and Victoria 8 yr old girl.*

I want to be a writer but to be a writer you have to be imaginative, creative, and know how to spell and I'm

anything but those,

and you'd have to talk to people and that's my least favourite thing to do.

so I'm writing on here where hopefully nobody will see.

I'll try to keep everything true, but i might spruce it up a bit just warning you.

OK that's the end of the first title so now to the second part.

Landon has always found ways to try and destroy himself not on purpose of all us kids he's been to the

emergency room the most, so a while ago i was upstairs in my room reading i hear screaming imagine

someone being skinned alive, Ada hates the sight of blood so I've always have got called to the rescue

in things like this

so I'm heading down stairs Landon is in the basement screaming holding his head dancing around,

blood is dripping all over the floor. the kids are standing around in open mouth horror as blood

drips everywhere.

i calmly access the situation an tell Landon to stand still so i don't have a lot of floor to clean up

he ignores me and keeps moving. so i walk over and ask him all calm to take his hands from the wound so

i can clean it up, you took me from my book i informed him.

he doesn't care he continues yelling, this is getting a little old, my older bro who be known as bro,

came into the room to see what the yelling was about, i tell him Landon won't listen to me and i have a book

to read and head up the stairs to my room.

in a couple minutes Landon stops yelling and i head back downstairs bro and Landon are sitting in front of

computer playing it, w. t. h.  i don't get it i was all nice and polite though i did get a little annoyed once and

tried to grab his hand away but still he stopped dancing for him and not me. Kids what a pain

and after i left my book for him.

oh and i forgot the way he got the head wound witch got 8 staples was Indiana was swinging a golf club and

power whacked his skull he's still alive by the way.

(*the names are changed to protect the Innocent)